The Topaz Files

Book One



The first novel in the Topaz Files Series is due out on
30 June 2023 but is available to pre-order from Amazon now!
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When you’re the last spies standing – is deniability enough?

It’s the Summer of 1995. The US Peace Envoy, Fred Martinson, begins to broker a peace deal for Northern Ireland. The world holds its breath as the first tentative steps are taken.

Jones, an 18-year-old from suburban England, has stumbled through education and yearns to be a football reporter. He is offered a place at Milton College, a former secretarial school with a clandestine partnership with GCHQ in seeking the communication stars of the future. Before he knows it, Jones has been recruited, paired with Jenny Richmond, who is every bit his equal, and sent to Northern Ireland to undertake skills development and resilience testing with the Young Communicators Unit (YCU).

Training becomes a matter of life and death when a group of trainee spies learning on the job are betrayed to their death, and their most promising member, Isadora Brown, is taken hostage. MI5 and YCU are sent a video of her reading demands by a mysterious organisation called Red Line.

What if a group of young trainees were forced onto the frontline to deal with one of the most sensitive issues in UK history? What if political relations were so sensitive at the end of The Cold War, that only a group of deniable students could change history and keep super powers from ruining the first steps of a peace deal in Northern Ireland?

It’s clear there’s more to everything than meets the eye. Lone Wolf? Russian cell? Peace talks sabotage? It’s a race against the clock to find and free Isadora, and make sure the US peace talks aren’t sent up in flames.

What follows is a tense cat and mouse game where the reader is never quite sure who is the chaser and who is being chased. At once a spy thriller, historical novel, coming of age tale, and love story, Topaz introduces the world to Jones and Richmond, at the beginning of their adventures into the world of espionage.

But who, exactly, is betraying who?

Book Two

Wild Flowers


Coming in 2024.



Book Three

The Mainstay


Coming in 2024.